PTA offers private lessons to both PTA players and players from outside the organization. We work with athletes of all ages and look forward to any opportunity to work with you and/or your son or daughter.

Lessons are 30 minutes and hosted in our indoor facility located at 6758 S. 13th St. in Oak Creek, WI. 

Christ Conley who is currently a catcher for the Milwaukee Milkmen and one of our top hitting and catching instructors can help you coordinate lessons with one of our qualified instructors at a time that works for you!

Please email Christ Conley at christc@prospectacademy.com to get started today!

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Instructors That Provide Lessons:

We have a great coaching staff and team of instructors that provide lessons. Our line up of coaches include:

  • Adam Dewane (Youth Hitting/Pitching) - PTA coach since 2016.
  • Christ Conley (Catching/Hitting) - Currently plays catcher for the Milwaukee Milkmen.
  • Mike Thrun (Pitching) - 1st Team All Conference at UW-Stevens Point and has coached at PTA since 2015.
  • Travis Thompson (Hitting/Pitching/Catching) - Drafted in the 12th Round in 1996 by the Rockies. PTA coach since 2015.
  • Myles Smith - Drafted in the 4th round by the Boston Red Sox in 2013 and is currently a pitcher for the Milwaukee Milkmen.
  • Aaron Simmons - 2x All-American at UW Stevens Point and currently plays outfield for The Great Falls Voyagers in the Pioneer League.
  • Ryan Schroeder - PTA coach since 2020.